Necessary Trouble Revised: Part 2

To continue the conversation on the failings of the Tea Party from its “Heights” in 2009 to our most recent election. im going to talk about how a movement is only successful if the people involved are brought together if its to everyones benefit and theres a codified movement. Not one built around the fact that people are pissed they got a black president. Firstly its lost all form of leader ship. Representative Michele Bachmann retired after the 2014 cycle. Former Senator Jim DeMint resigned from the Senate to take over the Heritage Foundation. Former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli lost his bid for governor in 2013 and now runs the Senate Conservatives Fund. The governor he sought to replace, Bob McDonnell, is currently appealing his conviction on federal corruption charges. Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown was once hailed for winning “the Tea Party’s first electoral victory.” He lost his reelection bid to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in 2012, and a subsequent race for the Senate in New Hampshire last cycle. And of course Sarah Palin who resigned a few months after Obamas inauguration.  I think she was suppose to run for the presidency but that never materialized. Remember when the tea party started a saying “keep the governments hands off my medicare”. This i think comes from the fact that the people that support the tea party were largely just racists. They didnt really oppose big governments and in 2016 they didnt really support trump or atleast ideologically speaking they couldnt by what the tea party stood for. They were just a bunch of racists that hated the fact they had a black president. The sheer volume of “send obama back to kenya” signs should attest to that, as i dont see what that would do for economic reform. If they did try to use media to be more codified and informed i think the movement would of splinted and disrupted almost immediately its one that thrived form ignorance.


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