Necessary Trouble Revised: Part 1

Throughout the book Jaffe connects movements small and large to singular events, Namely the 2008 economic collapse that created two strongly opposed movement, the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement. During this time I wouldnt say i was all that aware of their message. To me they were just more specific branches of conservatives and liberals. Occupy was trying to make another wood stock on wall street and the tea party was more hypocritical nonsense from the far right. But Jaffe did and her personae as a writeroccupy-wall-street-vs-tea-party.jpg i think comes from this that she gives a very direct and unromantic view of these events. What i did understand was that these two movements came out of the 2008 economic collapse and they like everyone was upset about it. But naturally these groups of people had wildly different approaches. Ironically it was blaming each other. The 99% of the Occupy movement (rightfully) blamed the banks and the 1% for misinforming the lower classes and hoarding the nations wealth. While the Tea party took their angry masses and blamed the 99% for being poor and allowing this to happen to themselves. From the Tea party we got government shutdowns, while the occupy movement, because they had the right people to blame, actually got things done like insuring employees got their severance packages ad loan forgiveness.


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