Trans Activist Media: Part 3

To wrap up this 3 part blog post series ill be providing a list of current trans activist bloggers and media creators.

Riley J Dennis is (taken right from their twitter) an Intersectional feminist, activist, and video creator. Also a queer, trans, nonbinary lesbian.

Kat Blaque started video blogging in December 2010. Her YouTube channel Kat Blaque is focused on discussing race, gender, and other social justice issues. Blaque has described herself as an intersectional feminist, saying, “I’m a woman, I’m black, I’m curvy and I’m trans. There are a lot of things that I deal with. When I talk about those things, I am literally talking about my embodiment of these intersections.”

Laura Kate Dale taken from her patreon “I am a co-host on the Jimquisition Podcast, as well as splitting my time between critiquing serious emotional video games and recording youtube shows about butts. I also run Let’s Play Video Games with Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake.” Laura has also written numerous published articles about trans experiences and activism


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