Rise of the Blogosphere Final

In last chunk of chapters i most focused on Barlows journey into blog use, the rise of blog use after 9/11 and their ultra partisan/biased views the ran rampant. Maybe its because its 2017 and i spent my formative years on the internet for probably just as long as Barlow has been using it as a news medium. i didn’t really find anything particularly new or insightful probably because i was living this life he talks about. not of creating this content but being aware and imbibing it. I wasn’t writing new columns on a blog but i was complaining and ranting on social media to real people all over the country and sometimes the world.And again it becomes more obvious that people have reacted the same to new media as always with the creation of trump. So the information on how personal blogging can be didnt really make me think very much as im intimately aware of the personal nature of online writing already.


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