Rise of The Blogosphere

In the first couple of chapters its very apparent that the book really focuses on the history of its points of discussion. Its like every chapter begins at the earliest point of prevalence to the topic. Through out the book though the main points that grabbed at me is the attempt to discredit blogging as a form of legitimate news media and the backlash from Politicians and other Authority figures to the comparatively harsher news media that followed the rise of blogging along with news media becoming independent to democracy and becoming its own entity. Included in this is the attitude that people seem to have from news sources the more personally they are written, like twitter posts or blogs. From eras of the news simply being a tool for use by the government the rise of independent journalism came as a shock to people use to constructing their own praise and now the subject of harsh criticism they felt undeserving of. This follows with the rise of blogs and many new agencies discredit them as legitimate for the same harsh criticisms those new agencies now face. The greatest power of blogs is that they’re a leveling field, now anyone has the same power to write and disperse information just as much as a large new company can, wether or not they have any real influence depends on the blogger but its the same for a news site too, it all depends on how many people are watching. And many people are enough that there is very real consequence in our government in direct response to the waves of bloggers the now populate the internet. This all has its history in Advocacy journalism all the way back to revolutionary time which similarly to how the internet allowed blogs to be created the printing press allowed people to make their own newspapers. The idea of independent journalism the showed it had real deciding power in their governments is repeated again years later in blogs. Also repeated is a sense of conviction, that the real impartial news will be reported on no matter the journalists leanings.


Why I chose this english class

I took this english course to improve my ability to write about topics that are very important to my future, Now more than ever i think its an extremely valuable resource to be able to be up to date on the current state of our country and the world and to respond accordingly as they happen through things like social media and beyond like writing letters to politicians or for me artist statements.